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Lift 2 Trampoline - Vuly

by Vuly
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Lift 2 is the longest-lasting Vuly ever. With a slick powder-coated frame married to an extra UV-resistant enclosure, it’s made for safe bouncing in Australian weather.


Vuly Lift 2

Vuly Lift 2

Long-lasting and soft net

Protect your family, with a stronger polyethylene enclosure that – unlike other trampolines – is thoroughly ‘wet-tested’ to verify superior UV performance in real weather conditions.

Vuly Lift 2

Vuly Lift 2

Superfine and durable mesh

Land on netting that’s more tightly woven and won’t catch little digits. It’s also securely connected to jump mat, eliminating the entrapment hazards of competitor trampolines.

No contact injuries

Advanced Vuly safety features ensure that bouncers never touch springs, poles or the frame.

Vuly Lift 2

Sturdy frame and premium finish

Play on a stable dual-ring steel foundation. It’s galvanised – inside and out – to defend against rust, heat treated and fully powder-coated, even at joints that you can’t see.

 Vuly Lift 2

Certified for 150 kg

Experience the highest weight rating on the market, tested for a 750 kg static load. Not all weight capacities provided by competitors are independently assessed to Australian Standard 4989.

 Vuly Lift 2

UV-resistant safety padding

Get full protection, with double-sided padding that lasts twice as long in harsh weather and attaches directly to the rebound system to prevent spring exposure.

Two-tiered spring system

Push higher on two layers of high-tensile springs that recoil based on weight – featuring thicker hooks, tapered ends and chromate conversion coating to prevent breakage.

Vuly Lift 2

Lifetime of trampoline games

Create the perfect games centre and encourage imaginative play, with the unique HexVex Game Mat printed right under your feet.

Independently certified… Globally

Beware of outdoor play products that don’t back up their claims with safety standards. Each Vuly model is accredited not just to Australian Safety Standards, but also to those in the USA, by one of the top recognised product certification companies: TÜV or Intertek. It’s why we really can claim that our trampolines are built to withstand 750 kg of static weight.




Trampoline weight: 98.1kg
Max user weight: 150kg
Coil spring count: 63
Spring length: 14.1cm


1x M Lift2 Box A (NC)
(W) 385mm (H) 400mm (L) 760mm
Weight: 21.60 kg

1x M Lift2 Box B (NC)
(W) 385mm (H) 145mm (L) 725mm
Weight: 23.20 kg

1x M Lift2 Box C (NC)
(W) 475mm (H) 160mm (L) 980mm
Weight: 17.80 kg

1x M Lift2 Box D (NC)
(W) 265mm (H) 125mm (L) 1125mm
Weight: 17.30 kg

1x M Lift2 Box E (NC)
(W) 265mm (H) 185mm (L) 1125mm
Weight: 18.20 kg


Trampoline weight: 118.8kg
Max user weight: 150kg
Coil spring count: 72
Spring length: 14.1cm


1x L Lift2 Box A (NC)
(W) 425mm (H) 100mm (L) 815mm
Weight: 23.80 kg

1x L Lift2 Box B (NC)
(W) 425mm (H) 420mm (L) 775mm
Weight: 25.00 kg

1x L Lift2 Box C (NC)
(W) 415mm (H) 225mm (L) 1000mm
Weight: 24.30 kg

1x L Lift2 Box D (NC)
(W) 290mm (H) 110mm (L) 1125mm
Weight: 21.20 kg

1x L Lift2 Box E (NC)
(W) 290mm (H) 170mm (L) 1125mm
Weight: 24.50 kg

Extra Large

Trampoline weight: 139kg
Max user weight: 150kg
Coil spring count: 90
Spring length: 14.1cm


1x XL Lift2 Box A (NC)
(W) 285mm (H) 160mm (L) 780mm
Weight: 24.60 kg

1x XL Lift2 Box B (NC)
(W) 470mm (H) 340mm (L) 800mm
Weight: 21.80 kg

1x XL Lift2 Box C (NC)
(W) 340mm (H) 180mm (L) 800mm
Weight: 22.90 kg

1x XL Lift2 Box D (NC)
(W) 565mm (H) 160mm (L) 990mm
Weight: 22.50 kg

1x XL Lift2 Box E (NC)
(W) 310mm (H) 150mm (L) 1125mm
Weight: 23.80 kg

1x XL Lift2 Box F (NC)
(W) 310mm (H) 175mm (L) 1125mm
Weight: 23.40 kg


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