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About Us | Games World SA

The Johnson family stumbled upon Games World in 1997. Keen to start their own business in Adelaide, they moved half way across the country and opened the first Games World store in South Australia in 1998. From that initial tiny store at Tea Tree Plaza, Games World SA has grown - now we have four stores throughout metropolitan Adelaide.

Twenty plus years later, Games World SA is still family owned and is now operated by the second generation of Johnson's. With additional stores in Marion, Westlakes and Gawler Place Adelaide, Games World SA’s stores are a place to be immersed. With shelves that are full to bursting, you’ll be surrounded by board games, jigsaws, brain teasers, Nanoblocks, Metal Earth, UGears, and countless other curios. It really is a place you can happily while away time escaping to another world.

We’re proud of what we have built over the years. Games World SA has a number of amazing regular customers – friends of Games World – who keep coming back, and are a true part of the fabric of the business.  Our staff are enthusiastic about our products, and many of us spend hours playing board games in our own time – we have to product test the things we sell after all!

If you’d like to find a home away from home, where you can always find a real person to talk to, feel free to visit our stores. Soon you’ll be a part of the friends of Games World SA as well.