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6 Takes!

by Jedko
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Try to score as few points as possible in 6 Takes!, a game for 2-10 players aged 8+.

Shuffle all 104 uniquely numbered cards, dealing 10 to each player and 4 face up to form the rows. Each turn, every player chooses a card from their hand and all are revealed at the same time. Starting from the lowest value, cards are played onto the rows (on the highest number below the played card). If you're forced to play the sixth card onto a row, you have to take the other 5 cards.

Each card also has a point value. At the end of the round, tally up the points on your cards and add them to your score. When someone's total score reaches 66, it's the end of the game and player with the lowest score wins.

6 Takes! keeps every player involved in every turn, and the gameplay changes dynamics with the number of players.