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Baa Baa Bubbles

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In the middle of the green meadow stands Baa Baa Bubbles, the cute little sheep and despite abundant feed supply does not know what to eat! The sheep must be helped, so the players in turn offer him different delicacies from the pasture. Try is about studying! The problem is, the Baa Baa Bubbles sheep has developed a peculiar hayfever, and every time it does something wrong, it sneezes bubbles! Weh that, which was then just with feeding off!

The food tiles lie like a meadow around the sheep, whose back is rubbed with a soapy water before the game starts. Each tile shows a food and a number that indicates how often the lever below the feeding trough must be operated. The mechanics of the lever foams the soap into small blubber bubbles, which gradually collect like a fur around the sheep's body. If the sheep can tolerate the offered food without sneezing bubbles, the player may keep the food tile. If not, bubbles will blow in all directions and the tile will have to be returned. Who has collected the most tiles in the end, wins!