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Bang! The Dice Game

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A spaghetti western, played with dice!

In BANG! The Dice Game, players are deal a character card with a unique ability (publicly) and a role card (privately). Your role determines your goal:

  • The Sheriff and the Deputies need to kill the outlaws

  • The Outlaws win by killing the Sheriff.

  • The Renegade(s) can only win by being the last player alive.

The Sheriff reveals his role card, and is the starting player. On each turn players roll 5 dice up to 3 times total to determine your actions. You can: shoot other players, heal yourself (or another character), take an arrow token each (and every) time an arrow is rolled. When the final arrow is taken, each player loses one life per arrow token they have. If anyone rolls 3 gatling symbols, they shoot each other player once and return their arrow tokens to the centre.

The game ends when the Sherrif dies, or all the outlaws & renegades are dead. You can't reveal your role card, but almost anything else goes! Can you bluff and shoot your team to victory?

BANG!The Dice Game is for 3-8 players, and will take around 15 minutes to play.
There is a rule variation included for playing with just 3 people.