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Equinox Purple Cover

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Dixit: Journey uses the same basic rules as Dixit:

Players take turns being the storyteller. Each turn, the storyteller chooses one card from their hand of six and, without revealing the card, tells the group a made up sentence - pretty much anything goes! Then, also in secret, each otherplayer chooses one card from their hand that they think best matches the story. These cards are shuffled with the storyteller's card and turned face up on the table.

Each player uses numbered tiles to secretly choose the card that they think was the storytellers. If everybody or nobody is right then the storyteller doesn't get any points but the other players do. Otherwise, you can score points by correctly guessing the storytellers tile or by having the other players choose your card.

This version, however, also features a simplified scoring board, and revised rules to make the game easier to learn. The scoring track is a separate board, and features a summary of the rules and places marked to put cards on the board for voting.