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Kids Express

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Dastardly bandits have stolen Mountain Valley’s gold. They’re escaping on the train to the city and have hidden the gold nuggets in the passengers’ luggage... You decide to ride to the rescue in your stagecoach and help your friend Sam, the Marshal’s son, get back the gold.

We're relying on you, kids. We've got to snatch the loot from the clutches of the bandits!

In Kids Express, you take turns. On your turn, follow the two steps below:

– Step 1
You can move your Kid standee OR shoot with Sam.

– Step 2
You must pick up 1 Baggage token from where your figurine is located, and then apply the effect of this token.

Step 1 in detail
Move your Kid standee: Take your Kid standee and place it in the Train car of your choice, so long as there are no Bandits in that location.


Shoot with Sam: Move the Sam standee. Use your Player Aid board to position Sam closer to or farther away from the Train and then place the Slingshot on the platform and flick or use a finger to hit it toward 1 or more Bandits, aiming to knock them over.

Step 2 in detail
Pick up an item of Luggage AND apply its effect : Take 1 Luggage token from the stack in the location your Kid standee is in. Turn it over and apply its effect. Keep it in front of you (Unless otherwise specified.)

The game ends immediately as soon as 1 of the stacks of Luggage tokens RUNS OUT.