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Pass The Pigs

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Pass the Pigs comes in a travel case with score pad and miniature pigs. The goal is to be the first player to 100 points.

On your turn, you roll the pigs as dice and score based on how they land. If you rolled a scoring throw (such as a Leaning Jowler or a Double Snouter), you can choose to bank your points and pass the pigs to the next player, or roll again! But watch out - a non-scoring Pig Out will lose you any points you haven't yet banked, an Oinker will trash your entire accumulated score, and a Piggyback (with one pig on top of the other) will see you eliminated from the game.

Will you press your luck, or play it safe?

Pass the Pigs is an ever popular group game (2-10 players), with easy to learn rules (ages 8+) and simple scoring.