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This is a Games World favourite, for 2-12 players (in teams when playing with more than 4).

Every card (except for the Jacks) from two decks of cards is printed on the game board twice. In your turn you play a card to claim one of the spots corresponding to that card. With a bit of strategy, luck, and planning ahead, your goal is to make a "sequence" on the game board (5 tokens in a row, in any direction).

And to spice things up: the Jacks are wild! Two-eyed Jacks let you play a piece anywhere (Will you help your team, or block your opponent!), and one-eyed Jacks let you remove an opponent's piece from the board. A two player (or 2 teams) game ends when someone scores two sequences, and a three player (or 3 teams) game ends with just one.

With no in-game reading required, easy-to-learn rules, and an element of strategy, Sequence both easy enough for kids and challenging enough for adults.