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Sushi GO!

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Sushi Go! is a fast-paced game of trying to collect a deliciously high scoring combination of sushi.

The rules are quite simple - draft (take a card), then pass (your whole remaining hand), and repeat until hands are empty. You will need to balance collecting for your own plate and being careful of what you leave behind. You may pass the next player exactly what they need to upstage you!

Get points for collecting a whole set of sashimi, having the most sushi rolls, dipping a nigiri in wasabi to spice up its value, and finish off with a pudding.

After a couple of rounds to see what is in play this round you'll need to decide what you want on your plate, weighing up which you need keep, and which you can afford to pass.

Sushi Go! is a 15 minute game for 2-5 people, and involving every player in every turn.
With a range of different scoring combinations, how will you collect the best meal?